Delux Doodles, Labradoodles, .

Bred with health, trainability and companionship in mind.
From KC registered parents with proven excellent bloodlines and health tests.
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Welcome to our Delux Doodles, our Labradoodles, bred from top class, health tested parents, Mum is from excellent lines, inc FTW & FTCH, we are now into our 5th generation of Labrador. Which you will see on your Labradoodles furkids pedigree. 
Dad is our own Standard Poodle, with Show champions through out his lines. 

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Where I started; Our Labradors are the most wonderful pets and companions, with some of our Labradors also having great success in flyball and agility as well as care, Pat, therapy, reading and working.
A few years ago I was approached and asked to breed from our top class working bred Labradors, to a Standard Poodle. The aim of breeding into our Labrador  little bit more speed and lightness for agility.  After a lot of thought and research we agreed. 
However, I’m not easily pleased and the long, hunt began for a poodle of the qualities that we wanted. The aim of breeding from proven generations of healthy, reliable proven bloodlines,  combining the excellent qualities from both parent breeds.  It is our aim to breed a trainable, intelligent,  loving, loyal, low moulting dog that can enjoy many disciplines.  

Health tests, Hip, elbow & eye tests trainibility and reliability. . It is very important to us to breed responsibly and do the best we can for our furkids sake. Both parent are hip, elbow and eye tested, with excellent results, and come from generations of health tested parents.  Both parents have a current clear eye certificate. 

Mum is our Labrador, bred from generations of FTCH / FTW & working dogs. Although for me they are my pets, we use working liens as it suited our life style well with young kids and a small holding. 
I feel as a competition and working dogs, they have to be able to stand up to hard work, they have to be easy to train with common scene, and enjoy being with you.  They have to be able to run and retrieve, with a soft mouth to bring game back alive and place in your hand, have the athletic ability to jump a fence, be able to swim and to also be able to sit quietly  with you for hours on end if needed.  Generations of our Labradors have proven to have these qualities time and time again, with our pets reaming sound in to later years with some living up to 15 and 17 years old, being sound and health with no medication needed. 
Dad is our poodle, again  he is hip elbow and eye tested and from generations of health tested parents. Dad has come from show lines, again these dogs are very much in the lime light and have to have the reliable temperament tht the showing circuit needs.  They have to have patience and trainiblitly, be adaptable to be able to adapt to many different and unusual situation. Been handed by different people, happy to be pampered and groomed etc.  

What I wanted in my Poodle: I’m very particular!  He had to be,  KC reg,  Apricot, a Standard Poodle, that was not to tall, he had to be bred from parents with excellent health, eye, elbow and hip scores.  He must have excellent bloodlines & temperament, patience and trainability, be good with children.  Living in the country and the prospect of being a country poodle he has to enjoy rain, mud and lots of walks,  After 2 years of looking I eventually found what  I was looking for, and Wally (Not his posh name)  our standard poodle joined our family.  And as expected the breeding  with our 5 generations of Labrador bloodlines was a great success.

Wally, our Poodle boy has now proven himself as a sire of pets, companions, care and sporting dogs.  Our very well bred Labrdoodles, who I fondly name our Delux doodles have gone on to family’s as pets, and with the aims for agility, therapy, pet and care and working. 

Older Delux doolde furkid; form our June litter I kept one back to start her training and to speak from my own experience of what her temperament, intelligence and trainibilty is like.  From experiences I have to say, shes adorable. very easy going, quick to learn, loves water, and easy to train. Shes been a pure joy for the kids to enjoy. 

Our Labradors;  we are now on to many generations of our bloodlines, and all are generated from our original girl who herself included  Drakeshead  and many other excellent bloodlines. We have continued with her  lines and  included many FTCH (Field Trial champions) and FTW (Field Trial Winners). Both parents and generations are health tested, with clear eye certificates and hip and elbow tested. Parents, grandparents, cousins and uncles and aunties are all here here for you to meet.

KC papers and Pedigree: Both mum and dad are KC reg, and your  Labradoodle fur kid comes to you with a pedigree, contract of sale, lots of paperwork and advice & some food. You will be able to google may of the names and see photos of them. 
Vettings; all puppy kids are vet checked, and we are happy for you to contact our vet to discuss your fur baby. You are more than welcome to contact our vet to discuss vetting requirements and we can take the fur kid along to be vetted on your behalf and at your cost.
Transport:We may be able to transport if needed at a cost of 45p per mile, each way.
A deposit of £50.00 secures the puppy kid of your choice. You will receive a receipt for this.