Labradoodles For sale, born 9th June 2019

To help you identify the fur kids

Purple collar,             Yellow Girl
Burgundy collar,       Yellow girl
Red collar                  Yellow Girl

Blue collar                  Yellow Boy
Brown collar               Yellow Boy
Green collar                Yellow Boy

Pink collar                    Black girl

Blue collar                    Black boy
Orange collar               Black boy



In general Labradoodles shed little hair, although some can shed more than others, but generally are low moulting. . They are highly intelligent and learn things quickly and easy to train. 

We own both mum and dad, who have kind and affectionate natures being very biddable by nature

Some or our Doodles have gone off to first time owners with plenty of advice and support from us., other doodles have gone as agility and working. By nature they are great fun and love to play. 

Here is a video link of our adorble doodles

Loving the doodles fun