Naiad Tarran


I first met this pony when he was about 4 years old. He was bred by my then farrier Tom & Anne Booth. A very cheeky chappy who I backed and started out in his ridden career. Tarran was with me for a while gaining lots of different experiences he was a field companion for the rather young Bart, keeping Bart below him in the pecking order (not good for Barts ego!!) but they were that best of friends on the quiet.

Tarran was then sold to a friend of mine for her daughter who did lots of things with him including showing and pony club before she outgrew him. At this point I didn’t have children but toyed with the idea of buying him incase I started a family as he was such a ideal sweet pony, but it wasn’t a hugely sensible option at the time and Tarran was sold on. He went fairly locally but we lost touch with his whereabouts for quite a few years until contact was made again, by now he was in a local riding school and had been for a few years. In April 2014 I heard he could be purchased, by now both my children were keen on riding and I was obviously very keen to have him rejoin our family.

The moment he stepped of the trailer in our years, he sniffed the air and knew exactly where he was, both he and bart instantly recognised each other and had lots of gossip to catch up on.

Tarran now enjoys a varied life been ridden by both our children doing all pony club activities, jumping, XC, dressage, showing, helping out as pony club demo pony, hacking out and everything that a child’s friend should and appears to be getting younger by the year.