Richvale Penny Mae (Mazie)

Richvale Penny Mae (Mazie)
Date of Birth; 2014
Height approx 12.1hh
Reg; Section B

Sire;  Sianwood Caradog
Dam; Rotherwood Penny Secret

Fully vaccinated, teeth done. 
Transport can be arranged at purchasers cost. 

For more photos and videos of him, please see her  FB page.



We purchased Mazie in October 2018 as a 4yo. I had been looking for a pony for my children to come on to, that had to have a temperament to suit been a child’s pony. We purchased her on a recommendation from a very knowledgeable person, who knew what I was looking for and knew of a pony that might suite our job. Mazie was in a showing / stud yard who had purchased her 12 month previous direct from her breeder. They had purchased her with the view of showing her in-hand, but health reasons forced her to be offered for sale, and we purchased her.

She ticked all my boxes, and still does,  sadly with been self employed and COVID, I have had to make unplanned and sad decisions. 

What I was looking for; I was looking for  a pony that would be happy with doing what kids do, from been fussed, groomed, mane and tail fiddled about with, to been clambered and bounced on. Not over react to been mucked out with straw flying every where or a misplaced wheel barrow and bucket, stand for ages for bandaging and rugging practice and have numerous out fit changes,  having children’s attempts at been tacked up, reins dangling, a dropped bridle, , saddle on to far back then shuffled forward and back again, all had to be dealt with by the pony with kindness, calmness and patience.

Fun & Hacking, the children spend a lot of time leading the ponies from grazing home, or simply running round the out door school with the pony in a head collar & rope, and been led over fences, weaving in and out of things, walking over things, playing ball round them. all the things i used to do as  a child, , having fun with my pony. 
Hacking, we do a lot of road work, living in the country, we have country traffic, which isn’t heavy, but can be quite large, rattly and very close!! They have to cope with been ridden out with a stallion, and be sensible round him, as he is with them. The ponies have to cope with been bumped into and play elephants with another pony following very closely! 

Under-saddle, i was looking for a pony that I could bring on and educate, and to also exercise while children are in school,  so she had to be able to carry me, I’m 5’6 and 8 stone, she also had to be small enough to be able to show in certain classes and not over horse my children. I was looking for a mare, that had to have top bloodlines and conformation, so that when proven under saddle, we could have the options of breeding from her, either to a Sec B and breed a pure bred, or to sports pony and breed up.  

Due to so many other time consuming commitments, we  have gaps in what we can do due to lack of time and Mazie has had to pick up again where left off, and shes had the attitude to do it. 

Competition wise Inhand, Mazie ticked all my boxes. , We could show her in hand as  Sec B and in the small breeds M&M, and to give her more classes, we could platt her up and do Riding Pony and SHP, she also has the attitude for the children to enjoy in child handlers classes,  this we feel is a great opportunity for the children and pony to gain experience. 

Undersaddle, the idea was for my daughter to do Lead rein, although she is now sadly too old, but then on to first ridden, both platted and Native, Small breeds flat and workers, and with Mazie under 12.2, she is eligible  for child age classes, cradle & Nursery stakes, and with Mazie’s ability she could have gone on to do 13 WHP as pony and child progresses. She also has good enough paces to do dressage, with the scope for SJ and PC eventing and as a member of the pony club, she would attend rally’s and camp, with the aim of doing areas. 

What we have done with Mazie, 
Purchased October 2018, she was led out round the roads  and played about with over the winter.  She was sat on by my children in the stable and yard, she then went to be professionally backed and ridden on.
Generally although I have backed many in my time and I tend to now send them away for backing.  I have a couple of places I value, one does my horse and one does the ponies. I find its does the pony good to go to different yards, they gains so much valuable experience, from being ridden and handled by different people, to living in different and yards, seeing different sites, and surrounding, different routines and expectations.   All while under the care and encouragement  on professional knowledgeable people that can give the pony a positive and educational experience.   Serious enquires, I am more than happy for you to contact them to discuss Mazie, but please appreciate, I say serious enquires as these people are very busy. 
Once coming home, she continued to be hacked out  by various riders, inducing children and teenagers.
She did Pony Club camp 2019, as a stand in for a lame pony. Her daily routine was, out at night with a group of other ponies, , been cough and bought in by the riders, standing tied in lines with her hay net through the day.  She did 2 ridden sessions a day, flat, jumping / hacking, and as the then CI of the PC I  used her and other ponies to do  D and D+ SM lessons on. She took to it really well. 

2019, She did a private lesson with Debbie Thomas, with Petrina finishing off the lesson on her.   She has done a RC  lesson with Abbie, under a BD judge, young riders coach.
2020;  showing clinic with Abbie, under Debbie Thomas, and received positive comments. 

Shes been really sensible thought out, not worrying about others cantering behind her, easy to load & unload,  standing quietly while been got ready and tack up while at venue.