Essential Information about Bart

BART is currently one of the only, if not the only stallion standing in the UK of his height who has enough percentage of Welsh (Sec B) and Arab blood to pass down through to his progeny to allow his offspring to be registered with both the Welsh pony & Cob and also the Arab Horse Society. His progeny will inherit, 25% Arab, 12.5% Welsh & 12.5% TB.

BART’S Dam, BLAENLLAIN DOODLEBERRY, 15hh bay (sec B x TB) won up to  County & up International level, SHP Breeding, Riding horse, Welsh part Bred, inc Royal Welsh, WP&C Centenary International, Pembrokeshire County, WPCS National Championships, WP&C medals and NPS Medals. She has also competed BSJA & H.T
Dam of other quality progeny that have proved themselves in the competition world or have the potential to excel.
Dams Sire, OLD LUCKY 16.1hh TB, same Sire as Mary kings, International Eventer, KING SOLOMON III
Sire: Ali Nebal approx 15hh Bay, Reg AHS.

He offers a safe sensible enjoyable ride, with correct conformation & movement
Easy to handle, trustworthy, loyal & has a fantastic nature being very sensible with my children.
Excellent laid back temperament, I’ve used him to try mares then 2 minutes later my toddler has been grooming his legs & tail and sitting on him.
Been bred with temperament, quality, versatility, trainability, ability, correct conformation & soundness in mind

BART has been used as a example to represent the fantastic qualities of the Part bred for both THE ARAB HORSE SOCIETY & THE WELSH PONY & COB SOCIETY
Winner of WPCS, Gold, Bronze and Performance Medals and National Pony Society Medals.
Winners of numerous Championships, up to & International, inc WPCS International, Royal Welsh, Malvern National In Hand, NPS Shows, WPCS National Championships.
Competes Show Jumping
Competes at Affiliated Dressage qualifying for 2012 Welsh Dressage Championships Inc Hickstead Dressage Master Finals, Trailblazers Second Round, & SPILLERS Trailblazers Championships, Stoneleigh in Prelim & Novice
We are aiming to put him forward for Performance Testing with the National Stallion Association.

BART is CEM & EVA tested relevant paper work will be sent out with semen & can be seen before hand if required.
BART has proven himself under numerous judges in both showing and dressage with a excellent results in both.
Clean, careful, willing and brave jump.
His Parents and siblings are proven in both show and competition.
His progeny have already had major wins in showing, and inherit his jump.
All his stock (regardless of the breed of the mare) are eligible for registration, Welsh Part Bred, Part Bred Arab and National Pony Society
His progeny have Numerous showing classes to compete in, from Riding club to International level including WPB/PBA/SHP/NPS/Hack/Riding Horse etc.
Progeny have numerous classes to do with both adults and children, making them an ideal family share.
As his progeny have a number of classes & competition they can do with adults and children, they are ideal for adults to educate general and the competition world for the younger or less experienced child/rider.
They have a number of classes to compete in both ridden & in hand. Can compete in hand from a foal up to any age, great for education.
Welsh Pony & Cob Society have both performance competitions and points awards to aim for, in dressage, show jumping, and horse trials.
National Pony Society have performance competitions in dressage, more details please click here Ideal to breed up or down size. As he is available by AI he is an excellent choice to put on a smaller mare.
We would be happy to put BART’S progeny on our website, for any form of advertising.
BART is the Sire of Supreme show champions and great performance potential.
His Progeny have the bloodlines to excel in showing and competition, eg, dressage, show jumping, eventing etc

All BART’S progeny are eligible for registration WPB, PBA & NPS.
First crop of foals born 2007, winning at county and National level, Including Supreme Champion as far a field as Scotland.
Progeny generally inherit his generous temperament, trainability, versatility, looks, ability and jump etc.
Stock proving very marketable, foals selling in excess of £1500.00
Progeny inc
BLAENLLAIN DOODLEBA SUPREAM As a 3yo she won 3 Champs in 3 outing, also Reserve Youngstock Champ @ WPCS Medal show,
BLAENLLAIN DOODLEBA’S DARK SECRET 1ST Pembroke County, 1st & Champ WPCS Medal Winner, chosen to represent the Welsh Part bred in the Welsh Pony and cCb Festival, Aberaeron.  Bryneos Tinkabelle 1st Pembroke County,
BLAENLLAIN D.B,’S DARK SHADOW 1ST & Champ Scottish WPCA Show, 1st& Champ, Show Hunter Pony Central West Fife Show,1st & Champ P.B Arab, 1st & res Champ Show Hunter Pony, Supreme Overall In Hand Echt Show.
BLAENLLAIN D.B’S DIVERSITY 2nd Royal Welsh, 1st Pembroke County,
BLEANLLAIN D.B’S SIR BOOFLE, 1st SHP foal NPS Area 28, 1st WPB foal & 1st PBA foal, Lampeter Agricultural  Show, 1st WPB Foal Ceredigion WP&CS Points.
BLAENLLAIN D.B’S HAZELNUT SURPRISE, 1st SHP Cardigan Agricultural Show.

Stallion video

Bart and Family: Bart Stud Video

Bart Confirmation : Bart Confirmation

Bart Jumping : Febuary 2012

Why Use AI

Why use Artificial Insemination
From our own experiences of using A.I the benefits that we have found include.
Blaenllain Doodleba is tested, and is clear from CEM & EVA. These are both highly contagious
Although all our mares are tested and clear from CEM & EVA it was our choice to have them
tested rather than compulsory. A growing amount of stallion owners require your vet to have
tested you mare to be clear from CEM & EVA, before going to stud for natural covering.
Your valuable mare and possibly young foal wont have to travel from your home, your own vet
should be able to inseminate your mare. This is less stressful for mares and foals and worried
You will not have to arrange and pay for transportation to and from stud, quite often mares stay
at stud for up to 6 weeks to make sure she’s held to the stallion. The keep & grooms fees as
well as the transport can soon add up a large bill separate to the stud fee.
As your mare doesn’t have to leave your yard, she has less chance of injury and disease.
Can help reduce the risk of mares reabsorbing due to stress & infection.
Suitable for mares with back injuries, that can’t take the weight of a stallion.
No risk of the stallion picking up an STD, and possibly passing it on to mares he’s covered.
Reduces the risk of injury to all horses and handlers.
All the semen is evaluated; with natural covering it is very difficult to assess the quality of the
semen. With AI as all the semen is evaluated you will have a very good idea as to how good the
sample is that you are inseminating into your mare.
You can send your mare to a specialised yard for the insemination.
We can put you in touch with a yard very local to us
Talgrwn Stud Services
. The yard is
owned & run by Gwenan & Richard Thomas (MRCVS), who are specialising in A.I on the mares
side. Your mare can go and stay at their yard & they can take care of any scanning or drugs that
your mare might need. They will also be on hand to scan your mare to see when she is about to
ovulate. I will then be able to take the semen straight over to them, for insemination. This
could be a big advantage for mares that might be difficult to get in foal, and 1
time owners to
We went to visit the yard before sending Doodle our own mare and month old foal there. From
our own experience we found the yard to be very professional, relaxed, knowledgeable and
helpful, with easy access and turning areas. Doodle who is not overly keen on staying away
from people she knows, happily stayed there with her foal for 5 days while she was inseminated.
She appeared to totally enjoy her stay and came home as relaxed and contented as when she
went. Personally I wouldn’t hesitate to send my own mare and young foal there again.
One of Bart’s Mares. (Lady)
One of the mares we inseminated last year was a 17 y. o maiden Mare. Due to her age the
linings of her vagina and cervix could be thinner and more delicate than a younger mare. With
natural covering she could have had these linings damaged and therefore might then increase
the risk of infection. This would have been very unpleasant for the mare and possibly affect her
fertility and the owner would have had a vets bill. Also due to her age she didn’t have the added
stress of a stallion ‘s weight on her back while been covered. The mare was inseminated just the
once with Bart’s sperm. She was scanned in foal and had her baby in June. This particular mare
can get very stressed and upset, which possibly wouldn’t have helped her to conceive with a
natural covering. As she was done using A I she remained relaxed and calm throughout.

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions
WPBR 7724 / PBA 0352/2003 NPS
(click to download printable form)
All costs must be paid in full before the semen is despatched.
AI Services available through
Talgrwn Stud
if required.
The stud fee of £375.00 NFFR,
ncludes the 1st collection fee
. It is strongly advisable to get
your Veterinary Surgeon to examine your mare when she is in season to ascertain her
readiness for insemination. He or you will then telephone us to notify us of her situation,
ideally at least 36 hours before insemination is to take place. The chilled semen will then be
sent either directly to you or your vet according to your preference. Should your mare fail to
conceive, further attempts are of course possible, for which additional collection fees must be
charged. It also includes sending the semen out Via Royal Mail, for delivery on Tuesday
through to Saturday.
Collection Fee. This is £40.00, and includes postage via the Royal Mail
for delivery on Tuesday
through to Saturday. Semen which is required on a Monday will be sent by courier on Sunday
and this fee is additional to the standard collection fee and is variable according to the courier
used. A same day delivery service is also possible, (i.e. for delivery on Monday) but this can be
Refundable Deposit of £20.00
, is to be added to either the stud fee or collection fee. This is to
help ensure the safe return of our Semen transport containers. As soon as we have the
container returned to us we will send you a cheque for £20.00.
The stud makes every effort to have teaser mares available for collecting semen when
requested, but we will not be held responsible for delays, non-availability.
Although all semen will be evaluated before been sent out, the stud will not be held
responsible for deterioration in quality of the semen due to unforeseen circumstances.
Terms are No Foal Free Return; the free return must be used before the end of following
breeding season, and to the original mare.
The semen is to be inseminated in the named mare only, for one pregnancy only any unused
semen is to be destroyed
If you are using
Talgrwn Stud Services
for you mares insemination. Please note they are
totally independent from Blaenllain Stud and there is a separate agreement between
yourselves and Talgrwn Stud Services.
Please send a signed copy of both the Terms & Conditions form and the Nomination form
to Miss A . A Jones.
Thank You

Press Coverage

‘BART has a lot to offer anyone wanting to breed a quality competition horse from their mare’ , Laura Pyke of THE ARABIAN MAGAZINE (Dec 2010)

In a recent issue of ‘The Arabian Magazine’ Stallion/Paris Issue – December 2010 Bart is one of four stallions being featured, the opening paragraph is

There is so many different types of part-bred Arabian stallions out there choosing the right one to compliment your mare in body, mind and ability can seem a little daunting.As British sports pony breeding goes from strength to strength, I take time to chat to owners of some of the younger and less-trumpeted sires available at stud in 2011. They share news of their competitive results this season and their hopes for the future

Words by Laura Pyke
The Arabian Magazine
Article 2010

Moving up a size, Blaenllain Doodleba is a 14.3hh half Arab show hunter type also registered part-bred Welsh; the remainder of his pedigree is made up of Thoroughbred and Riding Pony blood. Home-bred by Mandy Jones of Lampeter, he is as much a family pony as he is a show horse.
‘Bart’ as he is affectionately known was a product of unusual circumstance. As Foot and Mouth disease struck in 2001the showing season was decimated. Mandy and her sister Tina took the opportunity to breed from their beloved competition mare Blaenllain Doodleberry and she was put in foal to desert marathon winner Ali Nebal (Al Hakkim x Nebula). When the colt arrived the sisters thought some showing would be good for his general education and so mare and foal were entered at the Centenary International show where both took red rosettes. Young Bart also took the junior male championship award and secured his first WPCS gold medal. Mandy was certain she had a star on her hands and chose another Arabian suitor, the desert marathon winner Phariz (Nazarene x Pharissa) for Doodleberry the following year. The resulting second part-bred colt foal also proved a winner, taking the part-bred Welsh championship at the Royal Welsh show as a foal.
With Tina on the lead Bart took numerous other titles as a junior and then as a stallion. Mandy is the jockey and backed Bart at home; he has since enjoyed several ridden outings to win and take championships. He won a WPCS performance medal as section champion at his first show as a four year old. He also enjoys dressage and jump schooling at home and riding club. Mandy has somehow fitted all this in with starting a family, running the stud, freelance teaching and showing the youngsters. She reveals,

Bart’s laid back character has been so important as he can cope with gaps in his training really well. We never have to go over old ground and he’s always accepting. He loves nothing more than human attention, which is perfect as my three year old son is very keen to get involved with the horses. I know he is safe with Bart.

My son loves grooming and sitting on Bart and it’s clear to see that he loves my son in return. He is the ultimate family all rounder; we all have fun and success with him, even my non-horsey partner.He has the most genuine nature and it’s just a bonus that he is a stallion happy to live a full life and gift his best qualities to his progeny

“Bart’s progeny are doing very well in the show ring too, already taking championships and supreme titles at regional and county level as show hunter ponies, riding ponies, part-bred Arab and part-bred Welsh. His first crop of foals, born in 2007, and are due out under saddle for the 2011 season. They all seem to have inherited his good looks and trainability so we are excited for next year.”

“We are working towards putting him forward for grading with the National Stallion Association in the hope of becoming a premium stallion with the Arab Horse Society. In the meantime we keep enjoying him and seeing his stock develop. We have made him available by AI too as we think he has a lot to offer to anyone wanting to breed a quality competition horse from their mare.”

Words by Laura Pyke
Deputy Editor
The Arabian Magazine
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Stud Fee

BART’S Stud Fee.
It is in out best interest to help your mare produce a live healthy foal, and we will help you all we can
£250.00, NFFR. (Live foal 30 days) (Includes 1st collection fee & Postage Via Royal Mail).
BART is CEM & EVA tested relevant paper work will be sent out with semen & can be seen before hand if required.
Concessions available for loyalty and multiple bookings, other discounts sometimes available, please contact us.
Team of  DEFRA approved Artificial Insemination Technicians will collect and analyse semen quality.
BART is very fertile, with a high percentage of mares getting in foal on the first insemination.
Been very successful on getting difficult mares in foal.
Mare’s can be taken in for insemination in certain circumstances, please ring to discuss your requirements.
We have had excellent results with our own mares, by trying them with BART or a gelding to see when they are in  season and then inseminating them on approx the 3rd day of their season with fresh semen and the 5th day with chilled semen, from the original collection.  We have ran tests on the chilled semen and know it has a long life.
We are in close distance to Talgrwn Stud Services and are in regular contact with them, and if your prefer they can offer you a comprehensive equine reproductive services for mares, focusing on AI.

Hilkens Charismatic Reg Wesers Ems, . • 2007 • 154 cm •

Reg Wesers Ems, . • 2007 • 154 cm • German Riding Pony, Graded Hanoverian Verband awarded Premium statusGraded SPSS. By Joldis Charmant out of St.Pr.St Shakyrah (Branduardi M x Black Boy)

 Sire Cadlanvalley Rio. Dam Waxwing Princess Royal. Bred by  Cadlanvalley Stud,