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Join the largest accredited professional coaching community 

As a BHS APC, I am Approved and accredited by the BHS.  The aim is that the Accredited Professional Coaches meet the highest professional standards within the industry.

As a  Accredited Professional Coach I am able 

  • Deliver and assess the Challenge Awards
  • Deliver Pony Stars (Junior Challenge Awards)These are are a great way of developing your knowledge and working towards something  In addition to this, 
  • Training at various venues, 
  • Flat, dressage, poles, show jumping, XC
  •  Inhand, flat and ridden showing, ring craft
  • Ground work
  • Competition training
  • Competitions
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  • Sessions at venue of your choice
  • Jumping & flat sessions at venues I use. 
  • Cross country at various venues
  • Private, bespoke to you and your horse
  • Group session
  • Stable management 
  • For my regular riders
  • Dismounted sessions
  • Ground work sessions
  • Rider fitness
  • Rider goal setting & profiling. 
  • Virtual session, teams / zoom
  • Bespoke sessions
  • Linked training & session plans 
  • Group & individual Coffee catch up & natters to make plans
  • BHS challenge awards Open to all
  • BHS Pony Stars, (Children)
  • Riding Club sessions (Vale of Aeron)
  • BHS skills signing off
  • Exam / assessment & preparation
  • Dismounted sessions
  • Stable management 
  • Virtual sessions

Bringing on various different horses and riders, I visit different venues for horse & rider to gain valuable experience and also in preparation for competing etc. 

This can offer you a great way of having the constancy of myself and people you know around you, whilst exploring new venues and experience’s, maybe for the first time, or revisiting. 
Other Coaches, we may look at including a visit to another coach at one of these venues as part of your development journey and plan, with he possibility of sharing a session with your training buddy and traveling in convoy, parking together and enjoying the experience

Don’t forget, with me coaching, you can do as little as you want, if you just want to come and hold your horse and have a coffee, that’s fine, no one will judge you, its your journey, enjoy it x

  • For my riders and handlers, How can this benefit you
  • Great way to see how you and your horse react in a different venue and environment
  • Different company
  • Different arenas & jumps
  • Development goal
  • Time management
  • Getting the feel of a real outing
  • A chance to see you in competition 
  • Discussing your dressage sheet and results 
  • Self reflection & assessment 
  • A chance for you and your horse to enjoy. 

Bailey Farm Equestrian, Lovely venue, great facilities, easy  access,. 

Jumping sessions, Full Course.  

From poles up, Even if you want to come and lead your horse around the fences, no pressure, just bring your horse and enjoy a social outing

Indoor & Outdoor school
Groups or Individuals

Hire of indoor, approx £20 /£25. Which is split between riders & pd to venue. 


Venue Local to Nebo, 

Lovely venue, outdoor school, good access, and turning, no reversing needed.
Individual, or groups, flat or poles, may have access to couple of jumps.  
Cost of venue, very reasonable Per horse

Pen-y-Caerau Equine Yard

Outdoor arena, also access to hacking. 
Good selection of jumps
XC field with jumps to suit various levels
Individual or group
Good access and turning, 
Cost of venue; 


Other venues that I am hoping to visit are 
Lluest Equestrain Centre, Indoor & Out door Arenas, Flat, Poles &Jumps available
Coomb Park Stables, Carmarthen, Indoor & Out door, Flat Poles & jumps available
Little Mill Equestrian Out Door , flat, Long & Short Arena, poles and jumps, jump X, course available. 
Radfords Equestrian; Indoor, outdoor, XC field, XC course. 

Competing, As a family we are generally out and about competing in various disciplines, from in hand & ridden.  As  part of your goals and journey, you could aim for some competitions, from local shows, to county shows, or dressage, jumping eventing, there lots out there to do and enjoy. With my regular riders / handlers, we have had dismounted session to discuss and plan, trained together,  travelled in convoy, parked together and supported each other, and makes for a lovely enjoyable day out with great company.  Even if you are no longer a horse owner or rider, help and company is always appreciated. If this is something you would like to be part of, please contact me to see whose going where.

Some competition thoughts are below. some are teams, some are individuals, if enough numbers, we can put teams forward if that’s what you want. 

BD Quest, My & Team Quest 
Individual and teams
Great chance to get judged by  a BD judge, Regular competitions in our area that can be a great way to monitor your progress and to use as training tool as well as aiming to progress. 
Petrina did this in 2021, really enjoyed her outings & gained valuable experience. Will be doing this again 2022. Probably as a individual, my Quest. 
BD quest info

Dressage,  Showjumping & Working Hunter shows, held locally, ideal to get out competing regularly or occasionally,  getting back competing, or introducing grass roots horse and riders to competitions or using them as training outings. 

Riding Club, Area’s. Teams and individual in Dressage, Show Jumping and ODE, again these are generally open to individuals and teams and make for a great day out. We will probably aim for the 3 disciplines 
Please remember, you will need to be a member of a Riding club, being with Vale of Aeron Riding club, we will be running training with these competitions in mind. 

Please feel free to contact me to discuss further 

Thanks you for you continued support 

Mandy x