Children’s Ponies

My aim for our children and their ponies.

I aim to produce both our  children and the ponies as riders & ponies of the future and believe in the bigger picture & long term,  rather than the picture of today for short term. I aim for my children’s and their ponies to be able to try out a large variety of disciplines they then become all rounders so that they can pursue a set aspect later in life if they so wish.  My children have a large  amount of involvement in producing the ponies, from grooming, tacking up, mucking out, bandaging, loading, washing, leading in from field, riding out etc.

I want our children to learn to ride in balance with a independent position and sympathetic hands that will then encourage the ponies to come into a outline by feel, when the time is right.  I want them to learn the art riding from the back to the front, maintaining the ponies natural stride and rhythm and happiness with pony & little rider together in harmony,   rather than riding from the front end and fiddling the head in which at times can sadly effect the ponies movement that seems to be so often lost and stilted .  It is my aim to encourage my children to consider their ponies are not volunteers in our competition life. I want them to enjoy the time with the ponies, rather than being obsessed where they come in the ring. I aim for my children to do their best, enjoy it and love their pony, and for the ponies to also enjoy it and be happy, with child and pony being part of a team together,  if we get well placed that’s a bonus. The future will be with us very soon!!