Blaenllain Bettieboo

Black fell type
Born 2005
Approx 13hh

Has had 1 foal with us, easy to get in foal, and excellent mother. 

Fully vaccinated. 



15yo black mare,  approx 13hh, been with us for 9 years, taken my kids from their first rides on a pony up to D+. As the x CI of the PC this pony has often been used by children of all ages and abilities who didn’t have a pony at Rallies and camp.  Shes been used for SM, guinea pig etc. Done PC rallies regularly and Camp for last 5 years approx.  Betty has given a lot of children of various experience and abilities the the opportunity to ride at pony cub rallies and camp.  She has taken riders from their first rally up to D+ and the occasional C test.  She has also done road rider tests. She loads and travels in trailer and lorry, Hacks out, in front and behind, great in traffic, but we live in the country, so she hasn’t been on mane roads. Good to catch, lives with mares or gelding, will live alone. Easy for kids to handle and tack up, although not boring, so she tends to rise and adapt to the riders ability carrying my children safely from starting out.   I love riding her out with my kids, and we all swap ponies, I find she rides bigger than her 13hh. 


Betty was a purchase that we made a few years ago, she was advertised as a 14hh Fell and we bought her unseen after a phone call and discussing that we wanted something for Tina to ride and enjoy doing social rides, riding club etc. Obviously when we met her, she wasn’t quite what we were expecting, she was everything right apart from the height, she must have been in the boil wash and shrunk as our measuring stick only makes her approx 13hh. However she seemed nice & sweet enough so home with us she came. On first view in the car park it crossed my mind she was rather small, but with her deep body, nice conformation, active paces and if she was anything near as genuine as her eye indicated then she would be a good one. She did a  social rides and nannied our young horses out, before starting her career as a pony for my children. It was clear from the start that she loved Kien & Petrina.
 She will stand like a rock all day long for him to clamber on and adores all the fuss she gets, the grooming and pampering, mane and tail platted, rugs and bandages dragged on and off,  Seeing what a lovely temperament she has, I decided to think to the future and put her in foal to Bart to breed the kids a middleweight all rounder type of pony that will have lots of jobs to do, and being middleweight it will be a long time before been outgrown!! In 2015 she had her foal, and as we loving call Betty the Mammoth from Ice Age, it only seems fitting to call the foal Peaches, with her posh name been Blaenllain DB’s Diddy Doodle who incidentally was born with a coat that resembled a lama’s fleece. We are looking forward to seeing what she looks like as a spring time yearling.

Betty has since given up motherhood and is now back in full swing of been a child’s pony again doing pony club etc, she’s also ideal for me to lead the kids out on other ponies and introducing youngster to the roads etc.